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Walt Whitman's classic poem
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The Walt Whitman Poem
The title for the CD comes from this classic poem by Walt Whitman, published as part of Leaves of Grass,
Whitman's seminal work.

One of the most influential and innovative poets of his time, Whitman was born in West Hills, New York on May 31, 1819 to a working class family.  A self-educated man, he began his writing career as an apprentice of "The Patriot", a working-class newspaper on Long Island, and published his first signed article in the New York "Mirror" in 1834.  By 1841, Whitman worked as a teacher and a fiction writer, publishing several short stories in various magazines before having his first book, Franklin Evans, published.  During his lifetime, the temperance novel was his bestselling work, but it is his Leaves of Grass that would come to be his most important and recognized tome (the book was revised by Whitman several times over the years).  Throughout his life, Whitman continued to grow and evolve, taking on several careers which fueled his writings.   A stroke in 1874 began Whitman's slow decline into old age, until his death on March 26th, 1892 of tuberculosis, two months short of his 73rd birthday.