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Walt Whitman's classic poem
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Rusty Magee, Live at the West Bank Cafe
Our sweet appreciation goes to...
All music and lyrics by Rusty Magee, except
"Thanks in Old Age", poem by Walt Whitman.

"Pain" from The Czar of Rock and Roll,
book by Lewis Black, music & lyrics by Rusty Magee.

"I Can't Recall" and "The Green Heart" from The Green Heart,
book by Charles Busch, music & lyrics by Rusty Magee.

"Thanks in Old Age" from the Moonwork's production of
Voices on the Hill, conceived by Greg Wolfe.

All music copyright 1979-2002 by Borukeji Music-A.S.C.A.P.

Musical Direction by Christopher McGovern
Recorded by Barry Wolifson
Edited and Mastered by Nicholas Prout
Sound engineers and additional sound equipment courtesy of
Chseky Records
Photos by Colleen Croft, Kaller/Zaretsky/Cannizzaro/Fritsche 
(courtesy of nvision), and Jamie Magee
Additional sound in DVD courtesy of Gaylen Ross & Carole Helms
Pressed by Digirom
Additional edits:  Michael Wells, Maureen Kelly, 
courtesy of Just Voices
Production Stage Management:  Max Torres
Technical Director:  Hank Meiman
When Worlds Collide motif:  Sean Kelly
Cover calligraphy:  Jane Dill]
CD Graphics:  John Babcock
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