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John Dukakis  
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, 24. December 2004 07:00 

With a spare few minutes tonight I googled Rusty's name. I hadn't seen him or talked to him in years and I wondered what he was doing because he was always doing something interesting. I'm trying to reconcile what is news to me.
During my freshman (and only) year at Brown I was in the Civil War melodrama Secret Service doing a small role - as was Rusty. Those of us frightened newbies were intimidated by the theatre establishment - such as it was - but Rusty was determined to have fun with a gusto I will always remember. On opening night, in a bit that I will absolutely never forget, Rusty added to one of his few lines in his role as a messenger the words "and I ain't whistling Dixie". The line and his line reading of it earned a big laugh from an audience in need of a big laugh. Don Wilmeth, who was the director came storming back during intermission and dressed Rusty down in front of us for his unprofessionalism and pointed out that "Dixie" hadn't been written at the time the play took place. When Don left the room he received the hero worship he sought and so richly deserved. Rusty had the talent as well as the wit to back up his bravado.
When I left Brown I ran into Rusty occasionally and got to see him perform with Lewis years ago at The West Bank (or at least I think it was). I last saw him out here in LA - a city that he was clearly uncomfortable in. He was always warm and funny when we would talk and I loved hearing about his professional adventures. I tried to figure out how we could do something together but I wasn't creative enough to figure out how that could happen.
Reading all the remembrances is very moving. That Rusty was as loved and appreciated by those who knew him is no surprise to me.

Kathy Schwabenlender  
Charlotte, NC
Thursday, 16. December 2004 20:22 

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of Sweet Appreciation 2! I wish I could have gone.

I can't believe how the time has gone by Rusty.

Alison and Nat, have a very Happy Holidays.
Otto Magee  
natick mass
Saturday, 13. November 2004 22:45 

Rusty... we all miss you. I keep remembering the fun times we had together. I re meber you at christmas and other holidays. And I remember the times in pensylvania and here.I am having a fun time in school and lots of fun at home. I miss you alot and I will for a long time. Every time I look at a picture of you I remember youand the fun times we had together. We really miss you Rusty.
Joan Levine Gurski  
West Hartford, CT
Wednesday, 3. November 2004 20:50 

Even a die-hard lifelong Tigers fan like Rusty would have cheered for the Sox amazing World Series win, especially following the phenomenal destruction of the hated Yanks. Jamie, if you're reading this, how totally cool.
I think of all of you often, and look forward to purchasing my very own copy of the Rusty Magee Songbook. warm regards, Joan
Eve Gordon  
Santa Monica
Monday, 18. October 2004 03:52 

I saw Dawn Steinberg the other day, and she was lamenting the pangs of hearing "Brown Eyed Girl" on the radio from time to time, and I got to thinking about alllllll the things that remind me of you, that give me pangs. Here's a partial list: Rock 'n' roll. Skateboards. Scooters. Autumn leaves. Yale. Brown. Piano music. Good comedy. This election. Being in a hurry. My healthy colon. Car trips. The picture I have of you and Todd on my refrigerator. Hair dye. Freckles. Jeans. The picture of you and Alison and Nat. Laughter. Your laughter, which I can easily hear. My new cel phone. This waiting, this silence, these questions.
The last words you ever said to me, which I can easily hear.

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Marian Tomas Griffin  
Woodland Hills, CA
Saturday, 9. October 2004 18:03 

I have been thinking about you all week. I have a show coming out on PBS on Tuesday night Oct 12th and I can't stop remembering our appearance on there a few years ago. I have pictures of us all in the Green was such fun. I think about you all the time especially when I see Lewis on something and I still miss being able to call you. Your mom and I have been furiously sending each other Pro- Kerry emails...I love her and can't wait to see her again. SOON Bettie! Well...just thought I'd log on and say Hi. Hope all is well Nat and Alison!

Lorraine Magee  
Natick, Massachusetts
Thursday, 7. October 2004 23:08 

Make that 57, Nat. Get those posts on there, people!
Nat Magee  
Thursday, 7. October 2004 02:14 

Wow, let me rephrase that. 60 more posts until the 500th one. Thanks again. Bye!
Nat Magee  
Thursday, 7. October 2004 02:08 

Wow. I never really looked at this whole guestbook thing. It's really amazing. Thanks yall, for writing it to my Dad, my Mom, and I. It's nice to know that all these people love him so much. Every day I realize how cool he was. I just started listening to the mid summer nights dream songs. Really funny. I remember that show. Great stuff. Well, thanks again for everything, and I guess there's only like, 20 posts left till 500. Sweet!
Lorraine Magee  
Wednesday, 11. August 2004 14:53 

Hey Rusty! While Alison and Nat and my family were on the cape,we watched a great video of you at the West Bank Cafe. You did a song about your name and how your mother had given you the unforgettable name of "Rasta" Magee.
Alison gave me the sheet music to Sweet Appreciaton. I have been trying to figure out how to play the first page and I got the first few measures down pretty good. I can't wait to finish learning it. It's such great music!
Nat is trying to be a C.I.T. at Creative Arts next year. I'm sure he will be a great C.I.T.

Love You,
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