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Saturday, 6. August 2005 23:15 

I have fixed the link for posting, if you tried to post, I apologize! Please post again (I will delete this message eventually).
Ellen Byron  
Studio City, CA
Friday, 3. June 2005 04:35 

I have such fond memories of Rusty and the whole gang at the Westbank. What a talent, what a wonderful time. I will never forget Rusty's warm, impish smile and extraordinary musical ability.

Davide di Cagno-Hagen  
New York, NY
Monday, 18. April 2005 22:33 

Dear Rusty,
I am a very good friend of Nat. Whenever I walked through the house I saw these posters and pictures of you that just made me wonder. The other day Allison gave me your sweet appreciation CD and I fell in love. It's such a shame it had to happen. My love is with you.
Eve Gordon  
Sunday, 27. February 2005 08:32 

I just got back from an evening with Oren Jacoby and several others. We got to talking about Rusty, and then we told everyone at the table about him and we all toasted Rusty Magee. He made several new fans tonight; it's so easy to enthrall people with stories of him. Rusty, Rusty.
Nancy Shayne  
New York City
Friday, 18. February 2005 00:56 

It's a few days later..but before and after --I'm always thinking of the shining light of Rusty. Two years -- two years? I enjoy looking at this site and seeing how many people still check in to just be a part of knowing that Rusty is well somehow still around -- how can he not be? Such an amazing man who was so loved. I'm sending my love today to Alison and Nat and always wishing the best.
Robert Tolmach  
New York
Thursday, 17. February 2005 21:41 

Dear Rusty,
I would have written yesterday if I had been in town and online, but know that I was thinking of you -- as we all do, all the time.

Bettie Morris Magee  
Natick, Massachusetts
Wednesday, 16. February 2005 19:14 

My dearest son, Rusty. Two years ago you left us after such a valiant and courageous battle against cancer. Today is Yahrzeit, and in the Jewish tradition, I am remembering you and honoring you. You were a joy to me from the day you were born, and your sunny, loving, giving self is unforgettable. How much you loved Nat and Alison, and how happy you were to have a family you could cherish. How happy you made me, your Mother, in a thousand ways, with each kindness, each success, each time together. I just looked at the Casablanca script you made for me at Yale and dedicated, "Here's looking at you, Mom," I wrote about that in an article I did for my Natick Writers' Guild. I must thank you Sean Kelly, for your beautiful words about Rusty and the "Green Heart," Beloved Rusty, I miss you, but you are with me every day of my life. Love, Mom
Sean Kelly  
Fairfield, CT
Wednesday, 16. February 2005 13:45 

Even on this sad anniversary, your positive spirit is still inspiring, Rusty.

Because you always focused not on loss, but on life, I'll associate you not with February 16th, but with February 14th. And so, on Valentine's Day, I'll think not of a red heart, but of the green heart!
Kathy Schwabenlender  
Wednesday, 16. February 2005 13:23 

Has it been two years already? Alison, Nat and all of Rusty's family, I hope you are all well.

I check in to this website and guestbook from time to time to read anything new. I love to read all of the wonderful memories of Rusty that so many people have had.

Rusty was very good at corresponding. After having met him one summer when he did one show at Melody Top Theatre in Milwaukee in 1985, he would always write (and later e-mail) me with updates on what he's been up to and how Alison and Nat were. (He was very proud of both of you.)

I'm looking forward to the Rusty Magee songbook.
Paula Rueger  
Hackensack, NJ
Sunday, 30. January 2005 00:51 

I think I've said it before, but God, how I wish I'd known Rusty... I only saw him once, in "What You Will" the Sweet Appreciation CD, thankfully, is a permanent and treasured momento of a man who obviously meant so much to so many. In fact, when I "created" my writing room, the first picture I framed is one of Rusty. I'm not sure why his life, his talent and the effect he had on people is so inspirational. I guess I'm just hoping a little of it will rub off. To all those lucky enough to have known and loved him, I offer a lifetime of thanks for sharing your memories of a most extraordinary man. If I make it to Heaven, the first person I'm gonna try and get an autograph from is Rusty Magee.

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