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Michael Schwartz  
San Diego, California
Tuesday, 28. March 2006 23:11 

Ever since directing UBU at UCSD, I have been looking forward to directing SCAPIN. I finally got the chance with a starry-eyed group of ninth graders here in San Diego. Hearing your songs again makes me so thrilled. Our show opens tomorrow night. I wanted to say thanks and let you know how much you are missed.

With love,
Kevin Leinbach  
Eugene, Oregon
Sunday, 19. March 2006 14:47 

What a sad, sad loss! I worked the light booth at the West Bank for college credit 20 years ago. I always used to tell people that I did my theatre internship in a bar. I remember Rusty as so intense and electric. That photo on the home page of this site is exactly how I remember him - his eyes full of mysterious glee. There was a Next, Please backers audition while I was there that I helped out with and ran lights. I'm sure I still have the program somewhere deep in my archives. I loved that music and was happy just to have been a part of it. I stayed late and ran lights on Fridays for the late show and never left before Brown Eyed Girl even though my roommate had Saturday Morning Cartoon Parties at 8 am. Of course, I was just a dazzled and wide eyed west coast preppie but there was never any sense of distance or disdain from Rusty or Rand or Lewis, just rugged fun. My sympathies and appreciation to Rusty's family for the site.
Bettie Magee  
Natick, MA
Thursday, 16. February 2006 20:46 

My dearest son Rusty, a thoughtful time to share with you today Feb. 16, 2006. The years pass quickly and this makes three. I am remembering Kenny's phone call, just after 1:30. It was a sad day for all of us, above all, dear Alison and Nat. I try to remember the happy times and I usually
succeed. The first thing I see each day is your smiling face looking down at me. I tell people about the wonderful things you did and what a beautiful person you are, and I get by.
This month I participated in a "Casablanca" evening at the Framingham historical Society and I showed the script you gave me in 1982 in a plain brown Brown U. file with the inscription, "Here's looking at you, Mom!"
We always had fun talking about and playing songs from the movie. I am standing over your big piano on Hill St., my little one in Spain, and later yours in New York a thousand times, watching you play and listening to you sing, and wondering how your Dad and I ever produced such fantastic talent.
I have very strong faith in God that He will have us all together someday, somewhere, Meanwhile I love you with all my heart and this is your Yahrzeit day, this sunny snow covered winter day in New England. You are my beloved son. With love eternal, Mom
Kathy Schwabenlender  
Charlotte, NC
Thursday, 16. February 2006 06:13 

I can't believe how fast three years have gone by! Alison & Nat, I'll be thinking of you today.
Scott RIpley  
Charlotte, NC
Tuesday, 18. October 2005 14:07 

Hey Pal,

I think of you often -- still refer to you as "the only genius I've ever known." I'm trying to produce Scapin and Ubu here in NC: the former at Davidson College, and the latter at Actor's Theatre Charlotte. I'll let you know as things progress. Can you give me a hand? Hope you're well.


Eve Gordon  
Sunday, 18. September 2005 01:24 

Just thinking about you, Rusty. I can see you, hear you so clearly. I love what I see and hear. Sometimes it all hits me and I get a little dizzy, still. One thing: I'm so grateful to you for leaving with such grace and honesty. And I still miss you, and would dearly, dearly love to talk to you once more.
Sean Kelly  
Fairfield, CT
Thursday, 11. August 2005 06:53 

Happy Birthday, Rusty! I think of you every day, but especially on August 6th -- St. Rusty's Day!
Kathy Schwabenlender  
Charlotte, NC
Tuesday, 9. August 2005 05:57 

Sorry I couldn't post on August 6, but Nat & Alison (and all of Rusty's family), I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you on his birthday.

Every year about this time, I remember the year that Rusty was turning 45. I was turning 33 (July 21) that year and Rusty made the comment that our ages that year were like record albums ....33 rpm and 45 rpm.
Bettie Morris Magee  
Natick, Massachusetts
Monday, 8. August 2005 20:47 

My beloved Son, Rusty

You would have been 50 on Saturday, hard to believe. You share that great day with Louella Parsons, Lucille Ball, Andy Warhol, the sad bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 and, of course, Robert Mitchum.

I woke up on your day to see the wonderful photo of you smiling. Starting the day looking at you ensures that it will be a good day. I've told you many times about the wonder of your birth: over the cobblestones to Georgetown, I almost delivered you in the elevator, five minutes later you came bouncing easily into this world. From that moment on, you were a joy to the many people whose lives you touched.

What a great kid/man you were. I'm going to NY to see Alison in a new play with Nathan Lane, my first trip since the West Bank honor to you. Nat and I have discussed our views on the latest Harry Potter. He is so grown up. I miss you very much, and always will. I love you a lot. MOM
Alison Fraser  
Saturday, 6. August 2005 21:01 

Happy 50th Birthday Rusty. We love you and miss you more and more each day. How lucky we were to have had such an extraordinary man for the time we did. Your songbook is almost done, so soon your music will be out there in the world. And what glorious music it is. I married the most talented man I had ever met. We think of you not only on this special day, but every day. Much much love to you. Alison
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