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Monday, 29. August 2016 03:59 

Remembering you visiting my roommate at Brandeis back in the '80's. You sang for us and I still remember words and melodies, how strange is that? I mean, I don't remember anything. But I can hear single lyrics, "I need you like the farmer needs the land," and "I wonder if Joanne's (?) back in Ann Arbor...." You were so sweet to all of us. Hugely talented and kind. Dear God, what a combination.
Ashland, OR
Sunday, 12. July 2015 15:51 

Hey, brother. I'm doing A&C, as you know.

I've been thinking of you for weeks, so I wanted to put this out to the Universe today: standing on stage, I think of you every time I hear Caesar say:

"The breaking of so great a thing should make
A greater crack: the round world
Should have shook lions into civil streets,
And citizens to their dens."
Saturday, 24. May 2014 11:54 

I went to see Springsteen on Sunday night. It was the last night of this tour which he has been on for over a year and I swear Rusty showed up!!!! Cosmic? Maybe but we all know how much Rusty loved Bruce..... And yes, that was my 157th time seeing Brucie-Bruce...
Caroline Carrigan  
Thursday, 19. February 2009 08:49 

Thinking of the Magees, and the wonderful times we spent together. Rusty is often in my thoughts, and I feel as if he's never far away. Some days I miss him very much, but more often I think of him smiling and laugh. Alison, I miss you too. Caroline Carrigan
David Silver  
New York City
Saturday, 16. February 2008 03:57 

I don't know what drew me to tonight of all nights, maybe it's just a coincidence, but as I read the messages in the guestbook, in particular the one Rusty's mom wrote on Feb 16, 2006, the significance of tomorrow's date became clear. If you had asked me the date of Rusty's passing I would have had no idea, yet something brought the memory of him into my consciousness and me to this website on the eve of the fifth anniversary. I didn't know about the midnight shows back in the 80's, I discovered Rusty at moonwork, but as soon as I did I became an avid fan and admirer. I will never forget Rusty. His performances rank among the most joyful experiences of my life and I miss him terribly. My best to his family.
henriette mantel  
new york city
Wednesday, 14. November 2007 23:03 

Hi everyone, I was at the WGA picket line today on 5th Avenue/57th Street in NYC and I ran into Alison. I hadn't seen her since I visited Rusty in the hospital days before he left us. When I saw Alison I had a flood of Rusty emotions come up. First of all, he would have been on the front lines with all the comedy writers with his big smile. Second of all, I miss the guy so much. I just came back to NYC from 13 years in LA and there is never a time when I have coffee with my friend Nancy Shayne that Rusty's name doesn't come up. We used to do comedy and laugh our heads off with each other. We always remember Rusty saying, "well, in order to write you have to write something down on paper". It always made us laugh because it was so right.

So I just wanted to say that I honestly tried not to cry when I saw Alison but the minute I left the picket line I cried like a baby about Rusty leaving the earth way too soon. He was truly an original and I miss him. He would have been proud of us on the lines today. I could feel him in heaven sitting down at the piano and playing his own rendition of "Fight the Power".

with love, Henriette Mantel
Kim Pribanic  
Newbury Park, CA
Monday, 21. May 2007 05:18 

To the family and friends of Rusty Magee,

It never ceases to amaze me how the world changes when we're not paying attention.

Back in 1988-89, Rusty, Lewis and the rest of the gang at the West Bank saved what little sanity I had left by making me laugh my a** off on a regular basis. Although I eventually left NY and got out of the entertainment industry, I've never forgotten the warmth I found in that little basement room. I was recently telling a friend - who is soon to visit New York for the first time - about that amazing little place, and the supremely talented people to be found there. I am so sad to learn of Rusty's death, but I'm grateful for every single moment of joy he gave me, even though I never met the man face to face. Thank you for sharing him with the rest of the world.

Best wishes,

Kim Pribanic
Lucy Murphy  
Columbus, Ohio
Wednesday, 18. April 2007 14:04 

To Rusty, Allison, Nat, and the rest of the Magee world,

We often think of you back here in the Midwest, with great memories of fun times around a piano, in a theatre, chatting, laughing. I knew Rusty and Bobby and Kenny and Jamie way back before you became my step-brothers in the Angell School days. I have fond memories of you four, and your dad and my mom, Molly, too. Allison and Nat, maybe you will remember our trip to New York and how Rusty rigged "The Irish and How they Got that Way" to mention me for that one show! And the lovely cast party you included us in. Perhaps you'll remember taking me to Disneyland when Nat was tiny--that was a lovely evening. Kenny and Jamie, maybe you will remember times together in Ann Arbor, perhaps even in Flint.

When I think about our connected families, those who have left us and those who remain, I realize what an assortment of creative, eccentric, and lively personalities they include. Rusty was without doubt an incredible talent and a sweetheart of a guy; Bobby had much charm and his own creative dispositions, unrealized because of his demons. Their dad Kenneth, too, had his struggles but his incredible charm and wit and his brilliance in the field of medicine made so many people adore him. You Magee boys had a great legacy there. And I think of my Mom as the dear and quirky link who connected me to all of you.

I would love to hear from you, and know how you all are doing.

Love, Lucy
Kenny Magee  
Portland Oregon
Saturday, 24. March 2007 02:56 

Dear Rusty, It was 25 years ago tonight that you and I went bowling in Flint Michigan, it was the night before Dad died, we bowled the best we had ever bowled!!! When Dad died the next day, I was at work, you were with Dad, you were a trooper, I was very proud of you, as I am proud of you to this day. I miss you so very much. I think of you every day, at least a dozen times, you gave me so much, so much of me today is because of you, I thank you.

I love you, and I really miss you.
Love, Kenny
Sean Kelly  
Fairfield, CT
Monday, 7. August 2006 00:28 

Happy St. Rusty's Day, August 6th!
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