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Sean Kelly  
Fairfield, CT
Saturday, 7. August 2004 00:28 

Happy Birthday, old pal! All of us are celebrating St. Rusty's Day here!

I always thought it made perfect sense that you have a summertime birthday, because the season describes you so well: The time of year that everyone loves the best, when we all are kids again, and all we want to do is play, sing some songs, watch some baseball, laugh in the sun and gain a few more freckles. Sounds like Rusty to me.

Not a day goes by when I don't think of you (or when I don't use a double-negative). I traveled to lovely old Providence, Rhode Island for a reunion at Brown this spring, and made a point of walking to the locations that I knew were important to you, like the Orwig Music Building and the Theatre Department. And along the way, I discovered a street I never walked down before and never even knew existed. Magee Street.

God Bless you, Rusty; when you see Him up there, ask him to bless you for me.


Bettie Magee  
Natick., Massachusetts
Friday, 6. August 2004 22:26 

Happy Birthday, dearest Rusty Dusty, on your 49th. I have such a child's idea of heaven that I can see you giving piano lessons to the Saints and everyone who wants them. I see the angels lighting candles for you, and I hear your laughter. I have an e-mail friend from upstate New York who believes that cardinals are part of the spirit of our loved ones, and they watch over us for you, for the departed. Their song reminds me of youl It's a happy song. I can see you as one of the new late night comedians. You are better than they are. This is your Jewish Mother bragging about you as usual. We shared such beautiful conversations through the years - I would love to talk to you about the elections, baseball, the horse races (I'm in a big contest with the races at Del Mar in California where your Grandma Morris took me when I was 11. ) I wish you could see the crazy new sci-fi drama TV program called The 4400. It's weird and really good. Do you remember when you, Jess and Josh and some others called us by our first names, "Bettie and Ken, Alita and Dick, Ruth and Andy." And we all found out and had a good laugh about our obnoxious children. Recently, Carole Helms, Jessica and Margaret Wagner were driving through Forest Hills - lost, looking for your bench. I was directing them on the phone. They were thrilled when they finally found the beautiful bench that Alison has placed there for you. We shouldn't have laughed but we did on that wild telephone call and their wild ride.
I love you, I miss you, Your devoted Mother, "Bettie" P.S. Nat is tall and very grown up. You'd be so proud.

Eve Gordon  
Friday, 6. August 2004 18:07 

Alison and I talked today, as we do often and of course whenever it's a gold star Rusty day...We're trying to make sense of it all. I don't feel that your story has been told, that it's even over. More on that later.
It's great that you were forever young. we said of John Lennon, you would have been a great old man.
I'll see you in my dreams. Happy Birthday, Rusty.

Bettie Magee  
Natick, MA.
Sunday, 18. July 2004 19:26 

Hi dear Rusty, Your Detroit Tigers are on a roll - I'm so thrilled for them this year. Altho my first love is still the Yankees and Derek Jeter, you know I think of you every time I watch the Tigers, and they are winning. Jamie brought me horse racing programs from Hazel Park and Northville-harness racing with your notes in the margins and odds and your wins and losses from 1972. I never knew you went to those tracks. You know, I've always been and still am a fervent horse racing fan. So was your Grandfather Morris. Life goes on, so difficult without you. Love, Your Mom, Bettie
Kathy Schwabenlender  
Charlotte, NC
Saturday, 10. July 2004 14:54 

Yes, benjaminrm is in my buddy list too.
I always like to check the guest book to read anything new.

I think of Rusty everytime I watch Baseball Tonight and see highlights of the Tigers. My Brewers don't get much airtime even though they're playing better then they have in a long time.

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Tom Shillue  
Saturday, 10. July 2004 02:22 

Every once in a while I come here and poke around a bit, look at pictures, and remember you, Rusty. This time I thought I'd leave a note. But I think of you every day when I check my email-benjaminrm is still in my buddy list window. I think I'll keep it there.
Denise Dunstan Grant  
freeport, ny
Thursday, 24. June 2004 18:53 

Dear Alison and Nat,

How can I say thanks you guys, and to Rusty who probably wonders why I do I always call is name truth is your always in my heart also you Alison and Nat you all have been sent from God I have never met anyone that as left a impact on my life like you guys have,

Rusty taught me how to live life to the fullest he also thought me how to care for others whenever I hear the piano I always say I know someone that plays it better.

Alison and Nat, we are always thinking of you, I love you guys. Lots and lots of love.
Santa Monica
Friday, 21. May 2004 06:44 

It's been two years...well, two years and two days, since the party, the best party I will ever be lucky enough to attend. I still think of you every day, talk to you even. I love you. But you know that.
Cathy Reinheimer  
Sun Valley, Idaho
Monday, 19. April 2004 04:45 

Dear Alison and Nat,I want to extend my most loving thoughts of Rusty to you in appreciation of his life and how he touched me as Rob's former wife and our best man at our wedding and dear friend for so many years. I will always remember him singing "New York Romance" and "Brown-Eyed Girl" for us over and over; all inspired by his love for you, Alison. I will try to go through my life inspired by his goodness and spirit. thanks for listening
. I wish you everything good. Cathy
Cathy Reinheimer  
Sun Valley, Idaho
Monday, 19. April 2004 04:40 

Dear Alison and Nat,
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