Sweet Appreciation-Rusty Magee Live at the West Bank Cafe

Rusty Magee, Mary Testa, Alison Fraser, and Rebecca LukerSweet Appreciation celebrates the music and the memories of lyricist / composer / comedian Rusty Magee.

Rusty Magee YouTube Channel
Including Rasta Magee!, The Death of The Album, The Midnight Free Show.

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Sacred Cows!
Playbill.com article about Rusty Magee, Jonathan Larson, Jeremy Roberts, Bob Golden and Paul Scott Goodman

Leave the Building Quickly

by Cynthia Kaplan
including the short story
"Ballads of Rusty Magee"
is now available on Amazon.com

"The Brown University Library is pleased to add the Rusty Magee collection to its other distinguished manuscript collections in the John Hay Library. Rusty is still fondly remembered at Brown so we are very happy and honored to serve as the custodians of his creative work.
Along with our strong special collections in music theater and drama, the Rusty Magee Collection will provide a valuable and current resource for Brown students and for scholars of late 20th century American musical theater and comedy."
Ned Quist, Orwig Music Library, Brown University

On Monday, October 16th, 2006
Sweet Appreciation III, hosted by Lewis Black,
The Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York City
christened The Rusty Magee Clinic for Families and Health.

On February 7th, 2006, Manhattan New School
on the East Side of Manhattan
dedicated a music room to Rusty's memory.

The Rusty Magee Songbook is ready for distribution.

Flurry Tale is now available in transcribed form.

Eaglebrook School names music studio after Rusty.

Sweet Appreciation I
The Party and the CD

includes and soundclips!
Sweet Appreciation II

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